Peru: Workers and Peasants must fight for power to avoid defeat

International Left declaration.

50 days after the dismissal of President Castillo, the genocidal government installed in Peru has murdered 70 fighters. Whether this dismissal was legal for the poor Peruvian masses, who had long ago lost all illusion in Castillo, if they ever had any, is of little importance. Many voted for Castillo without much enthusiasm as an alternative to Fujimorismo, the archetype of the hated Peruvian oligarchy.

Beneath all the claims are the terrible living conditions; These claims differ according to the regions and social classes; some are ancestral, from centuries of exploitation, oppression, racism, and repression, added to the permanent decline in the living conditions of the masses. Above all are the consequences of the infernal environmental exploitation, which has destroyed all ecosystems, causing species to disappear, contaminating the waters, deforesting without limits, and ending the livelihood of huge communities, predominantly indigenous and peasants. All this while the Peruvian “economy” has not stopped growing (but not for the workers and the poor), generating enormous profits for the oligarchy and imperialism and becoming a model to follow throughout South America.

Since nothing can last forever, this too begins to end; Growing sectors of workers, indigenous peoples, and youth, especially in the south, say enough is enough. No more.

This is possible partly due to the conditions described and partly due to the weakness of the Peruvian regime. In the last 40 years, the bourgeoisie has squandered the credibility of all populists, reformists, and progressive political currents due to its constant betrayals. Today Peru does not have a political movement capable of exciting those below and alternating in power with the traditional parties of the oligarchy. In 2021 Castillo emerged, but it was clear that he would have no future.

Hence, things are posed as follows: the traditional parties representing the oligarchy and imperialism govern, or the workers and the people rule, and nothing remains in between. In Peru, there is no PT like in Brazil, nor a MAS like in Bolivia or a Peronism like in Argentina.

The other issue that will define the situation is the inter-imperialist conflict between the United States and Europe on the one hand and China and the BRICS on the other. This conflict has enormous importance in Peru, with sides marked by their interests. The Boluarte government has already authorized the entry into the country of US armed forces, armored vehicles, and weapons to direct (they say train) the Peruvian police and armed forces.

Any perspective that is seriously considered must start from the preconditions described. Nothing indicates that stability can be recovered in the future. Quite the contrary. Civil war should not be ruled out in principle. Still, it will become inevitable in the medium term if the mass movement fails to seize power from the bourgeoisie and begins to lead the reconstruction under the banners of Socialism. A defeat at this time would produce a massacre of workers, peasants, and indigenous peoples.

This issue puts on the table the need to build the general staff of the rebellious masses, a great revolutionary party capable of planning and directing the tasks involved in the overthrow of the criminal capitalist regime in Peru. This task is still pending, and the fate of the Peruvian people ultimately depends on it. If that general staff existed today, it would indeed pose the most urgent tasks to be carried out in this way:

Today, the main problem is heterogeneity between the south that is thrown into the fight and the rest of the country, which is why it is urgent to move to the center and north to explain to workers and young people the causes of hunger, exploitation, and historical unemployment, about the destruction of the environment and the need to rebel against the regime, because otherwise, this situation can only get worse.

  • You have to surround the factories, ask the workers for solidarity, and unite in a general strike.
  • Reinforce, extend, and coordinate the fighting committees (Comandos de Lucha)! On the way to a workers’ and popular assembly that fights for power!
  • Fighting Committees should discuss the need for self-defense!
  • The ports must be paralyzed, preventing exports from leaving.
  • It is necessary to block the mining companies and the hydrocarbon deposits and prevent the departure of the fishing vessels.
  • No confidence in the CGTP.
  • The police and the army must be disarmed to make self-defense effective.
  • Unity of Aymara, Quechuas, and other oppressed nations of Peru, Bolivia, and the entire region.
  • International Solidarity in the ports of the world! Embargo shipments of US military personnel and arms!
  • Start building a Revolutionary Party

Socialism or extinction!

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