Latin America

  • VIDEO: Escandalo en el Trotskismo Argentino, Charla de Carlos Petroni (León Pérez)
    DEBATE: Los partidos del FITU (PTS, PO, IS y MST) sirven a distintos intereses de los imperialismos en la guerra de Ucrania. Esconden ante los trabajadores la cuestion de la revolución y el socialismo y niegan en los hechos la alternativa de Socialismo o Extinción hacia donde nos dirige el capitalismo. Abandonan el programa revolucionario en relacion a la autodeterminación de los pueblos, la lucha … Read more
  • For a Workers’, Socialist, and Internationalist, May 1st!
    Left Party (International Left) Almost 125 years ago, socialists launched May Day to unify all the workers’ struggles in the world and march as a single fist against the power of the bourgeoisie. The first of those days was to repudiate the deaths of 8 anarchists executed in Chicago for the mere crime of participating in a strike. Also, they fought for 8 hours of … Read more
  • 8th March, Working Woman Day declaration. Full support for Women’s Liberation. Following the example of the Iranian and Afghan women, let’s fight against the state and fundamentalism.
    By International Left Working Women’s Day corresponds to a long tradition of struggle, mobilizations, strikes, and more, condensed by the Second International Conference of Socialist Women in 1910 and later by the Russian Revolution of 1917 under the slogan of “bread and peace.” Afterward, monarchies and bosses appropriated the day. In 1977, the day of struggle was then transformed by the United Nations Organization into … Read more
  • Peru: Workers and Peasants must fight for power to avoid defeat
    International Left declaration. 50 days after the dismissal of President Castillo, the genocidal government installed in Peru has murdered 70 fighters. Whether this dismissal was legal for the poor Peruvian masses, who had long ago lost all illusion in Castillo, if they ever had any, is of little importance. Many voted for Castillo without much enthusiasm as an alternative to Fujimorismo, the archetype of the … Read more
  • Peru: Only the revolution will end exploitation and economic and social decadence.
    A few days ago, President Pedro Castillo tried to dissolve the Peruvian Congress dominated by right-wing parties and where Castillo’s own supporters were against him. Castillo thus tried to govern by presidential decree and call new elections. Congress opposed Castillo’s policy and revoked his mandate in a unitary display among supporters of former dictator Fujimori’s daughter, Keiko Fujimori, and Castillo’s own vice president, Dina Boluarte. … Read more