A Step Forward Against War and Extinction

Brief Report of the Anti-extinctionist Revolutionary Marxist World Conference in Mexico, October 28-29, 2022.

By San Pearson

With more than 90 delegates and participants in person and online from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil. Colombia, Mexico, the United States, New Zealand, Zimbabwe and others took place in Mexico City on October 28 and 29, Ira. Anti-extinctionist Revolutionary Marxist Conference convened by our current, the International Left. The purpose of the Conference was to move towards building a new International with those who generally agreed with our Calling Manifesto “Socialism or Extinction” [ link ].

Among the participants were representatives or members of four international streams. In addition to ours, Izquierda Internacional, with its organizations from Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and the United States that were the conveners, there were organizations that participated as observers of the Unified Secretariat, the LIT(CI) and members of the International Leninist Trotskyist Tendency (ILTT), as well as members of other national organizations such as the Liga Che Comunista of Argentina or the Ecosocialistas of Bolivia and individuals. All the procedures and interventions, which exceeded 100, as well as the documents and draft resolutions, were made in Spanish and English.

The presidency of the conference was in charge of comrade Marcelo Porco from Argentina. Erik Huehetzin from Mexico and Carlos Petroni (León Pérez) from the USA. The latter was in charge of the central report of the first day, which consisted of the elaboration of the main points of the Socialism or Extinction Manifesto ( link ). On the second day of the conference there was a discussion on Program and several resolutions were adopted.

The inevitability of the destruction of the environment by the bourgeoisie explaining how the super-exploitation of the environment by capitalism has produced the material bases for the present extinctionist course and that there are no silver bullets or science that can stop it. The comrade explained, giving examples of what the scientists themselves affirm today, and added the arguments of the essential struggle to overthrow the bourgeoisie if we want, not just to avoid catastrophes, but to survive them with the perspective of a socialist society. This situation constitutes a new epoch of extinction and puts pressure on all of us so that we see the urgency of building revolutionary parties in all countries and an international that unifies, coordinates and organizes us.

The FIT of Argentina, the largest ‘Trotskyist’ front in the world that brings together almost all those who call themselves of that tendency in that country, was also criticized for not having been able to come up with a common declaration and campaign against extinction and for socialism or pronounce against the war because on these and other points they maintain monumental differences between the components of their front. The FIT, as well as other currents such as the Unified Secretariat, have so far failed to launch a world front against extinction and war by bringing together all revolutionaries to lead that struggle. In his presentation, León Pérez stated that if they did, we would join in enthusiastically, but that is not currently the case.

There were critical words against the Trotskyists, from Argentina and Europe who have not been able to speak up and campaign, for example, for the self-determination of the Mapuche people and other indigenous peoples and limit themselves to making statements against repression. “These organizations, larger than ours – said León Pérez – continue with the practice of gradual and punctual advances, appealing almost exclusively to electoral and trade union work. We do not ignore the importance of trade union and electoral work if they are placed at the service of the revolutionary cause and serve us to prepare the way towards the insurrection¨. Then he continued: “Our elected deputies must be at the service of pointing out the dangers of extinction and calling for the defeat of the imperialist armies that are facing each other in Ukraine, for example, and not be mere appendages of the trade union commissions of their parties.”

“If they put themselves at the forefront of these struggles, adopted a revolutionary program and called for a front of all revolutionary Marxist organizations, we would not hesitate to follow them. We are not driven by self-proclamation or sectarianism. But so far, they have not done so, we call on them to do so.”

All the organizations present, the organizers and the observers, and after a very rich discussion in which everyone participated democratically, supported the Socialism or Extinction Manifesto and approved the central report. A resolution of dual defeatism of the two imperialist blocs at war in Ukraine (USA-EU and NATO on one side, and Russia, China and their allies on the other) ** was also discussed and approved ** thus constituting this conference in the first and Until now, the only international formation that agrees on these vital points of reality and a program to intervene in the most important questions in the class struggle.

The last resolution of the Conference was the decision to form a continuation committee of 5 members of the conference to organize the remaining discussions, promote the agreements and convene a second conference as soon as possible, struggling to include more forces willing to give this essential step.

Only the representatives of the Unified Secretariat (LUS, from Mexico) present expressed their disagreement with the resolutions while the representatives of the GSO (Mexico) of the LIT (CI) said they agreed but that they should seek the opinion of the rest of the membership of their organization before joining this new revolutionary project that now brings together 10 organizations, from eight countries on four continents (USA, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Brazil and Australia) and members of the international Currents of ILTT, Left International and other unaffiliated such as the Liga Che Comunista of Argentina or the Grupo Ecosocialista of Bolivia.

The conference also appointed two secretaries, Charlie from the ILTT and Carlos Petroni (León Pérez) from International Left, to collect and distribute conference documents, work on draft new resolutions and declarations, and convene the first meeting of the continuation Committee voted on. in the conference.

Those attending in person at the SITUAM (Workers’ Union of the Autonomous University of Metropolitana) building in Mexico City and dozens more in all the countries connected to internet networks concluded the meeting enthusiastically singing The International.

Organizations represented on the Conference Continuation Committee:

Left Party (USA)
Communist Workers Group (USA)
Socialism or Extinction (Mexico)
Marxist Group (Bolivia)
Ecosocialist Group (Bolivia)
Organization of the Revolutionary Left (OIR-Argentina)
Che Communist League (Argentina)
Revolutionary Workers Group of Brazil
Revolutionary Workers Group (Zimbabwe)
Communist Workers Group NZ/ Ao (Aotearoa)

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