International Call For a Anti-extinctionist Marxist Revolutionary Conference

Dear Comrades,

From International Left Izquierda Punto Info (Left Party United States; OIR, Organizacion de Izquierda Revolucionaria Argentina, and Socialismo o Extinción – México), receive revolutionary greetings and an urgent call to discuss what we consider to be the greatest challenge for workers and dispossessed masses all over the world who are facing at this very moment the climate crisis, the imminence of the coming mass extinction of species, the potential collapse of social structures as we know them , and therefore for the urgent need of a coordinated response of all the revolutionaries. For this, we We have written a Manifesto for a New Marxist, Revolutionary, and Anti-Extinctionist International, with our political, social, and theoretical insights into these two phenomena, including a proposed program (Download here:…/1_qfYBnOMl…/view).

We invite you to participate in this World Conference of Revolutionary Organizations and Individuals that generally agree with our Manifesto to take place in Mexico City on October 28-29, 2022. You can participate how observer/listener, calling/resolutors or like general public.

To participate please registrer here:

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